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MD-DC SHRM Website Forum Use Agreement & Disclaimer

  • Forum user agreement: You are accessing a password protected members-only forum maintained on the website of the Maryland-DC Society for Healthcare Risk Management (“MD-DC SHRM”).  The information contained on this forum may contain sensitive, confidential, and/or proprietary information, and is intended for use by MD-DC SHRM members only.  By utilizing this forum, you affirm that you are an active member of MD-DC SHRM, that you are accessing this forum with your personally identifiable member login credentials, and that any information obtained from or exchanged through the use of this forum shall be utilized exclusively for purposes consistent with mission and objectives of MD-DC SHRM.  You moreover agree that any information obtained through the use of this forum shall not be republished in any form without the express permission of the author.  If you have gained inadvertent or improper access to this forum, you are instructed to discontinue access immediately and to notify MD-DC SHRM of the inadvertent or improper access.


  • Information posting agreement: This is a MD-DC SHRM membership-wide forum.  MD-DC SHRM membership encompasses a wide variety of organizations, including hospitals, healthcare providers, risk managers, defense counsel, insurers, and patient safety / quality improvement professionals.  By posting information in this forum, you acknowledge that the information posted will be viewable by all MD-DC SHRM members accessing this forum.  It is the responsibility of each member to exercise discretion in posting content.  HIPAA-protected individually identifiable health information, peer review, quality assurance, attorney/client privileged, and/or otherwise privileged information should not be posted under any circumstances.  By utilizing this forum, you agree to post only information which is appropriate for consumption by MD-DC SHRM membership as a whole.  You also agree to post only information which is permitted to be posted pursuant to the rules and regulations for posting of content implemented by your individual employer, and consistent with any applicable rules of ethical and/or professional conduct.  The posting of inappropriate or improper content, or other violation of this use and information posting agreement, may result in the revocation of your privileges to access this forum, in the sole discretion of MD-DC SHRM.


  • Information disclaimer: This is an MD-DC SHRM member forum, open to contribution by MD-DC SHRM members.  The information, views, opinions, and/or discussion contained in this forum have not been edited, reviewed, or pre-approved by MD-DC SHRM prior to posting.  The content posted in this forum does not constitute an endorsement by MD-DC SHRM, does not constitute an official statement or policy of MD-DC SHRM, and is not under any circumstances binding on MD-DC SHRM, by which responsibility for all posted content is expressly disclaimed.  Notwithstanding this disclaimer, MD-DC SHRM reserves the right to remove any content posted in this forum at any time, in its sole discretion.